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I am a 51 year old woman who in the past few years have been through one thing after another. Even though I see God's hand in it all it has and continues to be a difficult road. I feel I cannot be the only person thinking and feeling the way that I do. Maybe not all of you and its not my intention to offend yet to help. So if you disagree then lets agree to disagree. This is the truth as it applies to my life and we could differ. This is my journey and I pray that in some way it may be helpful for you or someone you know. God Bless you all on your journey whatever it may be.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Well, today is November 1st. That means Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I am still back in January 2007. What happened to this year? It seems that every year goes by faster and faster.

Last week was pretty crazy for me emotionally. The fires in San Diego kept me up nights. My parents had to evacuate for a whole week! When they came home their house was still there. I witness to the fire said that it rolled over my parents house like a tidal wave. A huge bubble of air protected my parents house from serious damage. When we prayed for my parents my husband asked for God's loving hand to save my parents house from damage. If you werent a believer before I guess you would be now. Especially from what the eyewitness said. I can visualize the air being God's protective hand over my parents home. My parents are righteous people who have done God's will all of their lives. Helping others and rasing righteous childern in God's ways. We are eternally grateful to God for sparing my parents home. To this date my father is still working to help those who did lose their homes. He is commited to God's people to help in their time of need.

I seem to be feeling better which is a great blessing for me. I am living a pretty boring life right now trying to keep my stress down which will flair up my fibromyalgia. Keeping warm also is a key.

I have been working hard on learning new skills. I took a week off from all of my CT teams that I am on and worked on paper scrapping and tutorials for my CS3 program. I learned how to make customized shadows which make things look way more realistic and making ribbons and ric rac. I havent had as much time as I would like to design but I will be hopefully having more time soon. Part of my issue is sleeping too much. I just dont seem to sleep when I am supposed to. So what happens is I am not getting out of bed until noon which is bad. I keep trying to do better but am having a terrible time breaking this habit. I think what started it was when I was reading the Harry Potter books and staying up half the night. I would sleep in and I think that has really screwed up my internal clock. I have a few things to share with you. A couple of stickits and some layouts that I have made in the last couple of weeks, so make sure to scroll down to check them out!

I also have started on my Christmas painting this past week and hope to have some nice new decorations done for the house this year. I also think that I am going to start to narrow down the things that I am painting and paint those things that way it will be better to do shows etc. I really need to get going and get some bazaars scheduled for next year and maybe this summer.

I know this is a long post but I havent blogged for a while so I need to get all caught up.

I think we have finally narrowed our search down for our live-in travel trailer. I think we will be ready to purchase it around this time next year. We will need to buy a new truck. A one ton because this is a 30+ft fifth wheel. It is beautiful. We will be able to go and take a look at them on Sunday to make our final decision so that they will make sure to have one when we are ready to buy. I will take pictures to share.

Well here are the layouts and the stickits that I promised.

Country Harvest Stickit Preview:

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Here is the download. All I ask is that you abide by the Linda's TOU.


Whew! That was work! I forgot how to link to my 4shared account! Old age again! lol

This stickit was made from Linda Cumberland's Country Harvest. You can find these awesome kits here: http://scrappinggarden.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1460 and here: http://scrappinggarden.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1459

The second stickit is from Linda Cumberland's Come Autumn Kit. I love these two Autmun kits for the Country feel they have. Here is the stickit

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This stickit is one of my most favorite layouts that I have done so far. I am learning more and more every day on how to make my layouts more realistic. The belt has a custom shadow that I just recently learned how to do. Fun, Fun. They more I learn the more addicted I get to this awesome art of digital scrapbooking! Okay, now for the link to this stickit.

Again I ask that you abide by Linda's TOU. Dont share this with your friends please send them to my blog to download it for themseleves.


You can find the Come Autumn Kits at The Scrapping Garden, here: http://scrappinggarden.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1496
and here: http://scrappinggarden.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1495

Enjoy your stickits! Hope you have a great day. In the next few days I will be posting the pictures to the beautiful fifth wheel that we will like to buy this time next year! We are so excited and I think you will to when you see it! It has everything that we were looking for and needed for us and John Paul.

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