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I am a 51 year old woman who in the past few years have been through one thing after another. Even though I see God's hand in it all it has and continues to be a difficult road. I feel I cannot be the only person thinking and feeling the way that I do. Maybe not all of you and its not my intention to offend yet to help. So if you disagree then lets agree to disagree. This is the truth as it applies to my life and we could differ. This is my journey and I pray that in some way it may be helpful for you or someone you know. God Bless you all on your journey whatever it may be.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Well, as promised I have a couple of layouts to share with you. They are both using Linda Cumberland's new Country Harvest Kit.
This one is one of my favorites of all of the digital Layouts I have done.

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I hope you like this one as much as I do. I am thinking about entering it into a contest. Leave me a comment and let me know if you think I should.

Here is my second layout that I did using this same kit. I wanted to do something so it would show off the pictures of the leaves that I took.

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You are not going to believe it when I tell you that I took these pictures in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Bremerton Washington. I am sure that everyone thought that I was crazy jumping out of my truck to snap the pictures. I did see a few people staring. LOL I wish they could see what the end product was. These pictures were the best out of everything that I took.

I have been thinking about my son Marc a lot lately. For some reason I am worried about him. I usually do not worry so I am very concerned as you can imagine. It is really hard when they grow up and leave home. They are adults, you have no say anymore. You have to let go. I guess this is when the real worrying begins! I havent heard his voice in over a month. I worry about whether he is okay or not. He is in the Navy and is on a ship out on a good will cruise. I dont know where he is or what he is doing. I love him so much and only want the best for him. I worry that he is engaging in behavior that can be life changing. I am sure you are wondering what but since this is a public blog I cannot say. All I can say is that my husband and I know how devestating this can be because we both have had this problem in out pasts. I worry, worry, worry. Knowing that the only thing I can do is pray, pray, pray. I do not have the power over him to make him do what I want. I guess I never did. Only was a leveler of consiquences (sp?)

Well, as to the weather there is no rain today although it looks rather gloomy outside. It could start raining any time. Well I guess I have bent your ears enough for today so I will post again tomorrow.

Make sure you check back because tommorrow I am going to have a freebie for you from my first mini kit Heart Bursts!

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Tracy Beck said...

I've been to Bremerton Washington many years ago when my husband was in the Navy taking a course there. Beautiful place, but too much rain for me. I get depressed without regular sunshine. Having been a Navy wife, I know what you mean about worrying about your son. I have so much repect for our military personal these days. I hope everything works out for the best for him!

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